Key Xchanger – Latest version 0.3.3 beta

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Key Xchanger is a tool that will help you remember extremely complex and long passwords (also called keys) by saving them on your phone. Key Xchanger will then be able to use the password on a computer by transmitting the password via a bluetooth connection.
Key Xchanger assumes that your computer and phone are bluetooth enabled and your phone is something that is with you at ALL times.

As of this version, Key Xchanger works as a plugin with KeePass Password Safe password manager. Since KeePass is stores all your passwords, and protects all these passwords using one master password, it is extremely important that your master password to the KeePass database itself is extremely strong. It’s like the mother of all passwords. Since any KeePass database is open to an offline password guessing attack the need for ultra complex master password cannot be under estimated. But don’t take my word for it. Read this article from one of the top security experts in the world.

Key Xchanger is fully open source, which basically means that you are welcome to see the source code, comment on it and give your suggestions.


  1. Windows PC
  2. Bluetooth adapter compatible with the Microsoft bluetooth APIs
  3. Java MIDP 2.0 compatible phone with bluetooth
  4. KeePass plugin requires KeePass v0.2.0.9 (Optional)

Key Xchanger has been tested on a very limited number of systems and operating systems. Currently it has been tested on WinXP SP2 (32 Bit) and with a few Nokia handsets. We would like to know if it works for you or not. Tell us via the forums


Download latest installer

Important Info: Always remember to backup your keys before upgrading to a new version

To download the portable version, source code and older versions go to the project page


  • How many keys can I store on my phone?
    This depends on your phone. Key Xchanger does not set any limit of it’s own. The keys are stored in a database that is managed by your phone. The limit depends on the limits of this database. KeePass will show you an error when you hit this limit.
  • Can I store keys from more than one host?
    Yes. One set of keys can come from your home computer and another from your work computer. The keys can be encrypted using different master passwords as well.
  • Can I use Key Xchanger with the portable version of KeePass?
    Yes. Just download the portable version of the KeePass plugin and extract it to the same folder where KeePass.exe resides. When trying to unlock a KeePass database on a different computer, you need to make sure that it has a bluetooth adapter as well. If it’s not on the saved host list on your phone, it needs to be set to be discoverable. See the user guide on how to setup a host computer.

Change log

New in v0.3.3b

  • Plugin released for KeePass 2.0.9
  • Small bug fix when displaying messages to the user

New in v0.3.2b

  • Bug fixes

New in v0.3b

  • Added auto type functionality – Now you can use Key Xchanger with almost any application
  • Fixed a potentially serious bug with the master password code – Backup your keys when upgrading to a new version
  • Added options to start with windows and minimize to tray to make auto typing more convenient

New in v0.2b

  • Ability to save multiple hosts
  • Save and manage multiple keys on the same phone
  • Small bug fix that caused KeePass to crash occasionally

New in v0.1

  • First public release of Key Xchanger
  • Ability to send, receive and backup keys up to 1024 bytes in length
  • Ability to generate keys using OpenSSL API
  • Send and receive keys via a bluetooth connection
  • Java MIDP 2.0 compatible application released for the phone
  • Integrated with KeePass key safe as key provider plugin

Help the project

There are a couple of ways you can help the project

  1. Let us know if you have successfully used Key Xchanger on a phone or OS
  2. If you have some coding skills you could help us. Join the team and help us make Key Xchanger work on new platforms or build plugins to extend the safety of your application.

End user help

Depends on what sort of help you are looking for

  • Read the user guide here
  • If that does not help post a message on the forums
  • If you think Key Xchanger is not behaving itself, tell me here
  • If you want a new feature on Key Xchanger, tell discuss on the forums here